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(Union Theatre)
(Union Theatre, London)
Barnum   Photo from the show The Cheeky Chappie
“Nice also to see Union Theatre favourite Charlotte Milchard bringing her great face and dancing skills to bear on proceedings. Nobody does it better.”
Michael Holland, Southwark News
  “Charlotte Milchard, whose wonderfully expressive eyes you could make a film about!”
Michael Holland, Southwark News
(The Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond)
(Union Theatre, London)
Photo from the show Cinderella   Picture from the show Confusions Picture from the show Confusions
“As the wicked stepmother, Charlotte Milchard excelled as the cold yet terrifying tyrant…”
Chris McIntyre, Darlington and Stockton Times

“…but the two stars of the show were Buttons, a loveable Irish rogue played by Aiden O'Neill, and the absolutely terrifying Lady Morticia (Charlotte Milchard). When the latter went into one of her rages, I reached for my four-year-old son's hand, not to comfort him but to seek comfort for myself!”
Christine Fieldhouse, The Northern Echo


“Union stalwart Charlotte Milchard surprised me by playing a character that I’ve not seen her play before. Here she was a little bit common and tarty, which she pulled off perfectly.”
Michael Holland, Southwark News

“Charlotte Milchard’s beautifully vulnerable Beryl!”
James Hogg, EXTRA! EXTRA!

(Hill Street Theatre, Edinburgh)
(Zen Films Ltd)
Picture from the show Desdemona   Picture of Charlotte in the monster outfit in MindFlesh
“Charlotte Milchard is a good character actress….”
The British Theatre Guide
  “Inside the suit is an actress named Charlotte Milchard, who is absolutely fantastic.”
Robert Pratten, film director, interviewed in Fangoria – America's Horror Magazine
(Cragrats Theatre, Huddersfield)
(Etcetera Theatre, London)
Picture from the show Gasping   Picture from the show Pulling Me Out From Inside
“Charlotte Milchard is fantastic as feisty career woman Kirsten….”
Tess Cooper, Holme Valley Express

“And industry monster Kirsten is a grotesque caricature, played gorgeously by Charlotte Milchard.”
Rosey Hamilton, Huddersfield Daily Examiner

  “Melanie, played with great confidence by Charlotte Milchard, is serving up a meal for a selection of celebrity guests. There are grand moment where Milchard presides at her table like a downmarket Miss Haversham, let down by men and secluded from the real world, living a ridiculous fantasy life.”
Paul Vale, The Stage

“Charlotte Milchard plays Melanie with enormous verve and sympathy, making her a very likeable person. Milchard’s acting skills together with a great script by Ben Glanfield, who also stars, means this production actually succeeds in shedding a new light on what is a familiar subject of discussion”
Claire Davies, Camden New Journal

(Octagon Theatre)
(Union Theatre, London)
Picture from the show Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs   Picture from the show Static
“Charlotte Milchard as the Wicked Queen was a captivating combination of Queenie from Blackadder and Cruella de Vil.”
Tracey Ramsbottom, Western Gazette

“A fabulous figure of a Wicked Queen, Charlotte Milchard cackles, chortles and commands her way into a frenzy of panto evil.”
Jane McKell, The Stage

  “Utterly bewildered and totally shattered by a declaration of true love from a man she thought a boor is Charlotte Milchard, as Lucy. Her wide-eyed innocence and awakening dream world in the wake of a love poem is something to almost bring you to tears. Her show of strength, when she is definitely going to cut her wrists or throat, is really alarming.”
Paul Nelson, Indie London
(Octagon Theatre)
(The Floral Pavilion Theatre, New Brighton)
Picture from the show Jack and the Beanstalk   Picture from the show Sleeping Beauty
“How the awesomely awful Malevola (Charlotte Milchard), Housekeeper to the Giant, manages to get herself defeated by the incompetent Jack is delightfully improbable as anything panto can provide.”
Penny Deacon, Western Gazette

“On the darker side, there’s Malevola, the classic wicked witch character, who is actually the giant’s assistant ordered to do his dirty work. Her part is well played by Charlotte Milchard, who is adept at giving the audience the evil eye and looks very much the part in a fantastic black Medusa hat.”
Laura Male, Blackmore Vale Magazine

“Charlotte Milchard was a truly scary character who milked the boos unmercifully. She was wicked!”
Bob Fox, The Stage

  “Charlotte Milchard, who is all darkness and childish spite as Carabose, is exceptionally and brilliantly nasty.”
Chris High, The Stage.

“Special mention too for the Evil Fairy ably played with the lightest of wicked touches by Charlotte Milchard who excited a battery of boos and hisses from the moment she appeared on stage. She also had the highest, shrillest laugh of any panto villain I’ve come across.”
Susan Lee, Liverpool Echo.

(Rotherham Civic Theatre)
Picture from the show Jack and the Beanstalk    
“…the Wicked Queen, portrayed by a delightfully devilish Charlotte Milchard”
David Beddows, Rotherham Advertiser